Deconstructing Rumors in the Workplace

Every organization has rumors. Whether you’re working on a dispersed team or in an office, rumors are …

Negotiating Across the Virtual Table: How to Leverage Digital Tools Successfully

Using virtual channels effectively in your negotiations can have a positive impact on …

Failing Forward: How to Encourage Failure

Supporting your team through failures can be an essential part of their future successes.

Two Thinking Caps: Divergent and Convergent Thought

Use divergent and convergent thought techniques with your team to find optimal solutions to problems.

Break Free From These 3 Workplace Biases

Discover how to escape 3 types of biases that affect workplace decision making.

No Time Like the Present: Opportunities for Women in Business Post-Pandemic

Organizations face a unique opportunity to change course for the better, to support women in business in a post-pandemic world.

Self-Serving Bias: A Moral Illusion

Identify if self-serving bias is altering your ethical decision making.

Creating a Common Language Around Workplace Ethics

Fostering a solid culture of strong workplace ethics requires a shared lingo around how to behave ethically.

Decision Quality: Strategic Decision Making Through Framing & Alternatives

Framing and finding alternatives are two key links in the decision quality chain; necessary for determining if a decision is good or not.

Improving Your Influence: Ways to Read People

As a leader, your efficacy and ability to sell your vision includes an ability to read people - especially the things they don’t state outright.

Decision Quality: Strategic Decision Making Through Information & Values

Decision quality is a strategic decision making process used by decision-makers to judge the quality of a decision at the time it is being made.

Remaining in Focus: Effective Ways to Focus on Long-Term Financial Metrics

How can the focus remain on long-term metrics that contribute to a company’s success, while also taking into account the factors that motivate employees?

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