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What does it take to stay ahead in our ever-changing and increasingly digital world? The answers might surprise you.

Digital leaders look at the world differently and have set up their teams and organizations to leverage a new digital mindset. Find out the keys to thinking digitally and thriving in the face of chaos.

We’ll cover issues such as:
  • What is a digital mindset?
  • Why do some win, where others struggle?
  • What are the keys to thinking like a digital leader today?

Chris Aarons

Lecturer, Marketing
McCombs School of Business 

The quest to stay at the forefront of marketing has led Chris to author two books. The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization's DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age, is a Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller. In addition, Chris's passion for learning and helping others succeed has made him one of the highest-rated instructors at The University of Texas, teaching digital marketing, leadership, and strategic communications.
Through all of the changes in marketing and technology, Chris has been consistently able to identify and build the best practices needed to keep his clients ahead. He instructs, leads, and inspires teams by showing them what is possible for their organization by bringing the right ideas and frameworks together to propel them to new heights.