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Great ideas don't sell themselves - they must be sold! What does it take to effectively "sell" your ideas? In this webinar, Dr. John Daly shares vital tactics to help you influence others and champion your ideas. 

We cover issues such as:
  • Answer the "why now?" question to get people's attention
  • Address the WIIFT question (What's In It For Them)
  • Read people's motives for supporting or rejecting your idea
  • Handle objections and challenges
  • Leverage people's psychological biases to more effectively influence them

John Daly

Professor in McCombs
School of Business &
Moody College of

John Daly, Ph.D., the Liddell Professor in the Moody College of Communication, Regents Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Texas Commerce Bancshares Professor of Management at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. John Daly is a renowned leader and author in interpersonal communication, persuasion and organizational behavior and advocacy. His work has been cited in many popular outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, and the New York Times. He has advised several large public and private global companies and has worked with the White House (Executive Office of the President).